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Our podcast has been discontinued and our primary Webpage has been closed, but please continue to listen to an archive of past episodes here.  

Jul 13, 2018

Local people in China react to a Chinese adoptee who has returned from a foreign country to look for her birth parents, and we react to a challenging comment about race and international adoption.

In this episode of our podcast, Molly Reckinger describes her many experiences, insights and surprises while searching in China for her birth parents, a trip she chronicled by video for her senior research project. And one of the most interesting surprises may have been the first question local people asked her, once they understood she was searching for her birth mother and father - WHY?

Also, Lisle, Ricki and Iris mull over a cutting comment about race and adoption that Molly said she heard after returning home.

Although Molly’s trip did not result in discovering her birth family, she learned quite a bit about the people of China and even something important about herself, all of which she shares with listeners in this new episode.

Check out Molly's video of her birth family search in China here: