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Our podcast has been discontinued and our primary Webpage has been closed, but please continue to listen to an archive of past episodes here.  

Mar 16, 2018

We take an honest look at truth and fiction in adoption records from China, and we consider one perspective of the possible impact of child trafficking on international adoption. Brian Stuy explains how his service business, Research-China, came to be and how it has been able to assist thousands in the China adoption community to uncover difficult to get background data on orphanages, finding ads, finding sites and other valuable information of great interest to adoptees and adoptive families, as well as to provide matching support for hundreds of birth families in China. We discuss how the possible unreliability of information on adoption paperwork might affect an adoptee’s search for birth relatives. Ricki comments on the interview with Brian from her perspective as an adoptee who has answered many questions about her birth family experience. Iris also lends her perspective, as someone Chinese who has worked in the adoption field, on the many different factors that impact how children have ended up in orphanages and adopted. You can find more about Brian’s service at