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Our podcast has been discontinued and our primary Webpage has been closed, but please continue to listen to an archive of past episodes here.  

Sep 16, 2018

Kaylena Weiderhold received a surprise gift on her birthday that she would never have expected - the news that her birth family had been located in China and they were waiting to talk with her on social media. After several conversations over the Internet, more surprises followed as she found out details about her family that were shocking, life changing as well as personally confirming for her, including how much forced abortion and the One Child Policy had had a personal impact on her life story.

In this episode, Kaylena explains how she was able to connect with her birth parents, how she felt about it, what she learned from that connection and what she plans to do with what she has discovered about her family and herself. Ricki and Iris also chime in with their perspectives on Kaylena’s story.

At the end of this episode, Iris shares with us a translation of a message we received from a birth mom in China who has been looking for her missing child who she believes was adopted to an American family. Here are some basic details of that message:

Zhou Liuxian has been looking for her missing daughter. Born around May 30, 1995. She was fostered at the home of Zhu Shugao in Tangbei Village, Huashu Township, and later adopted out of Quzhou Orpnanage in Zhejiang Province as Xu Qufeng by an American family. That adoptive mother had visited the foster family’s home in China in 2007, but the Zhu family had passed away. The adoptive mother and child had left a photo and returned to America before the birth mother found out they had been there.

If you believe this description applies to you and you would like to follow up, please contact us via our website with a few details about yourself and your adoption and we will take steps to help you make a connection. We will never charge a fee for this service, nor will we share your contact information with anyone without your permission.