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Our podcast has been discontinued and our primary Webpage has been closed, but please continue to listen to an archive of past episodes here.  

Apr 15, 2018

Cornelia, one of the organizers of a very creative online search project, explains how 73 adoptive families and adoptees have gone about creating and promoting a video on Chinese social media to try to reach birth family members from Guangxi Province. She also shares some of her own personal adoption and search history, including a reunion with the birth mother of her second adopted child from Ethiopia, and she offers advice for others considering a similar search attempt in China. Iris, Ricki and Lisle consider the possibilities for success on a video platform, and they also wonder about possible differences in the cultural impact of a birth family reunion in China compared to Cornelia’s experience with her other daughter’s birth mom from Ethiopia. Here is the video mentioned in this podcast  and the Weibo post  (Note: you must sign up for an account with Weibo to access members’ information.)